The digital marketing world loves blogs. Stop by any major SEO company’s website, and you’ll see they have a blog of their own. Dig into their blog, and you’ll probably see a section *about* blogging!

So what’s all the hubbub? Should you start a blog for your company? What kind of work goes into a company blog? Is it worth it for a local small business?

Blog Benefits: The Highlights

The case for business blogging has already been made many times before, so we’ll just highlight some key benefits in outline format for convenience and move on (you’re welcome):

  • Can be optimized to rank for new/additional keywords
  • Provides more opportunities for internal linking throughout your site
  • Can be shared as part of your social media strategy
  • Other sites may link back to your articles, passing link authority and driving traffic
  • Increases brand awareness and interest
  • Sets your brand’s personality apart from competitors
  • Makes a great resource for potential & current customers

If you would like to know more about the benefits of blogging, start with this short article from Search Engine Journal.

Is a Blog Right For You?

The potential perks make a blog worth considering as part of your digital marketing strategy. However, we don’t believe company blogs are right for every business, just as social media marketing isn’t right for every business.

A blog is a serious time investment. So, before you break out the coffee and your word processor of choice, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

“Do I have anything to say?”

You might decide to post event announcements, industry news, new product releases, or something else entirely – which type of content is best for your blog will depend on your business and industry. It’s also important that you have a steady stream of content to write about, as a blog is a long-term endeavor.

“Can I commit to posting reasonably often, and reasonably consistently?”

For maximum SEO benefit and brand building, company blogs need to be updated fairly consistently. While it’s certainly not necessary to publish a post every day, it’s best to commit to some sort of post schedule: every week, once a month, etc.

“Do I have the time or staff necessary?”

Blogging requires writing, and writing requires time – the amount of time will depend on your content and post schedule. Is it possible to fit that time commitment into your schedule? If not, are you willing to hire additional staff or delegate to existing staff?

“Is my target audience likely to read a blog?”

A company blog might make a big difference in some industries, but be far less effective in others:

  • Local clothing boutique – would probably be a great “fit”
  • Industrial parts supplier – probably a tough task (though blogging in “boring” niches is possible!)

If you answered a resounding “Yes!” to all the above questions, then congratulations – you might be a good candidate to start a company blog.

But is it worth it?

…However, even if you have the time and resources available, a blog still may not be right for you. So, ask yourself a final question:

“What are my goals, and will a blog help me achieve them?”

This is a question we simply can’t answer for you, but it’s the most important of all.

First, determine a clear target for your digital marketing efforts. Are you shooting for increased traffic? More brand awareness on social media? Better rankings for long-tail keywords?

Then consider: How could blog content be used to advance those goals? And what content types suit your strategy best?

Blogs boast a bevy of benefits, but you should consider whether the time spent writing will help you reach your goals.

Need some help deciding?

Give us a call! Our digital marketing team would be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you.