Don’t Skip Those WordPress Updates

WordPress is a wildly popular website content management system and blogging platform, and our favorite for most web projects.  It’s easy to use and customize but as I’ve chronicled in some of my past posts, many designers and website owners…read more

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WordPress in the Wrong Hands

We love WordPress here at Zee Creative.  It is a great content management and blogging platform that allows us to create almost anything we or our clients can dream up.  But as fantastic of a platform as it is for…read more

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely popular web-based open source content management system (CMS), built using PHP and MYSQL. Originally started as a system for blogging in 2003, it has grown immensely to now support almost 26% of all websites as of…read more

New for 2015 – Managed WordPress Hosting

Zee Creative is now offering Managed WordPress Hosting for website owners with WordPress websites. This option is an upgrade from our popular cloud-based web hosting, and adds completely managed coverage for all critical and security related updates to both WordPress and…read more

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