Zee Creative is now offering Managed WordPress Hosting for website owners with WordPress websites. This option is an upgrade from our popular cloud-based web hosting, and adds completely managed coverage for all critical and security related updates to both WordPress and related plugins at a very affordable cost. No more wondering if you have the latest update or if it applies to you – Zee Creative will take care of it for you at a set yearly cost.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

  • Large cost savings on WordPress website maintenance
  • Completely managed WordPress and plugin updates – When a new security or critical update comes out, we just apply it for you.  If something breaks, its on us to fix it for you
  • Post-update site audits to help ensure your site is functioning properly
  • Full site backups including your database with every update – if something should happen to the site during the update process or any other time, we have you covered
  • Fixed yearly pricing billed with your hosting – budget friendly, scheduled billing with consistent costs
  • Peace of mind knowing that your site is up-to-date and secure

Interested? Read more about our Managed WordPress Hosting plans.