Why Should I Care About Web Development?

We’re glad you asked. Web development can refer to several things — for instance, the back-end programming of a website. This is a critical component to the future success of your website design. Or maybe your business handles a lot of transactions or other data. You may need a unique system to track, store and report your data securely. This could involve a custom web application.

Custom web applications streamline your business, allowing your customers to do business with you online. With a web application, you can do business online. Your custom application can be integrated with other systems, providing a single interface for your customers that works the way you do. That can mean:

Our team will work together to make your vision a reality. We’ll put business logic, strategic frameworks, custom databases and custom site engines together to create a well-supported, stable final product.

What You Can Expect

  • An in-depth discovery process to understand your goals, business model, and the necessary features that will make your app development successful
  • A detailed write-up of your app’s features & functions
  • Project phasing and scaling to meet your budget and timeline
  • Our web app development standards-based framework ensures your app is stable and secure
  • Next level optimization, so your app is fast and realiable
  • Built with a tailored, scalable, and consistently implemented design philosophy
Management & Hosting
  • The same web design team that develops your application also manages and hosts it!
  • Worry-free management of domain name registrars, TSL certificates, and more
  • Free bug fixes over the life of your business
  • Constant security monitoring and reporting

We want to be your trusted ongoing web development business partner, providing prompt and professional customer service whenever you need support!

Responsive Web Design & Development

A responsive web design is like developing three different websites for three platforms: desktop, tablet and smartphone. Our web development team specializes in responsive web design so that your company’s website displays optimally across all devices.

A Zee Creative designed website performs effectively on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and the most popular web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). This means that your website always puts its best foot forward with ideal prospective clients. We also stay current with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards—an international community that establishes website design and web development best practices.

Have you been struck by inspiration on how to improve your company but don’t know where to start? Then meet with our Billings web development team on how we can help make that vision a reality. While it’s a pretty technical process that can vary widely from project to project, our team will get your business there!

Contact us to get the details on starting your application development.