Your online marketing strategy and website are very valuable tools, and we want to help you get the most out of them. That’s why we give you all the knowledge and support you need for a successful project with our website consulting.

We can help with project planning and management, marketing strategy planning, web security assessments, and even manage your WordPress updates. If you have a WordPress site, or any type of content management system, we can train you on everything you need to know to edit your content independently.

We also provide consultation and project management services for companies and individuals that need assistance with project outlines, scope documents, or bid specifications. Here are some questions we often hear:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website consulting?

We think it’s simply doing what is required in the short-term on your website, but also helping you see into the future more clearly.

Website consulting means talking, diagnosing, planning, and even helping you implement the necessary changes. If you have a WordPress site, or any type of content management system, we can train you on everything you need to know to edit your content independently.

What do website consultants do?

The word “consultant” comes with ambiguity. What exactly does one do?

Here are a few things: 

  • Plan a website strategy consulting
  • Build a clickable prototype or design wireframes
  • Gather & analyze website research
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Help you evaluate if you need a website rebuild
  • Fix common website issues
  • Map out the structure of your website with sitemapping
  • and much more!

What are typical website consulting fees & rates?

Fees depend on the level of consulting you’re buying and the complexity of your website. We find our rates to be very competitive and our bid-specification includes research, pricing, and request for proposal (RFP) creation. This means we deliver a proposal based on an hourly estimate x our hourly rate.

It’s all upfront and transparent so there are no surprises when the bill comes due! Contact us to schedule a consultation!

Do I need to sign agreements/contracts?

Website consulting arrangements, at least from our experience, are work for hire situations. One of the benefits of hiring us is the “plug-and-play” value. We are able to identify and fix problems quickly and easily. However, if you’re looking for more than a one-time engagement, we offer on-going service agreements.

With that said, when you engage with us, there is always an bid-specification agreement signing detailing hours, rates & objectives.


It’s at the heart of strategy and tactics. Without it, you’re either making mistakes or making guesses with your website. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there enough expertise fueling your website decisions?
  • Is your website design driving engagement?
  • Is it inspiring conversion?
  • Is it driving quality traffic?
  • Is it bringing you ROI?

Our clients view us as an extension to their team, filling in expertise where needed so their websites run on all cylinders, all the time. We can educate. We can strategize. We can even design, provide development assistance, and help you get found in search engines.

How We Can Help

  • Bid-Specification – including: research, pricing, request for proposal (RFP) creation
  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Website Security + Risk Assessment
  • WordPress Management + Maintenance
  • WordPress Training
  • Programming (supplemental to end-to-end services)
  • E-commerce and Payment Processing Consulting

Wherever you’re at with your website, we’ll bring 2 decades of website experience to the table and play the role of website consultant.