Don’t Be Fooled (It’s Not Actually Google)

In the past, we have alerted our customers and other local businesses about telemarketers and mail/email spam claiming to come directly from Google, or on their behalf. Their sales pitches and/or services offered will vary, but all have one thing…read more

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Clarification on the Google Mobile Update

We wanted to address some of the misinformation and panic we have been seeing in regards to the Google mobile update, and its handling of mobile websites. It is true that they have updated their ranking methodology to give some…read more

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Google+ Local: The Panic Free Plan

A few weeks ago, Google announced that they would soon be merging Google Places with Google+ for Business, thus creating a new product called Google+ Local. Google hopes to create the definitive SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) resource for local businesses,…read more

Policing Your Website Content

Several years ago while reviewing Google Analytics reports, we noticed a domain name that showed up numerous times as if it was part of our site. Puzzled as to why this domain would appear in our Google Analytics report, we…read more

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Is your website (still) PCI compliant?

We’ve received numerous questions about PCI compliance and wanted to send out a quick reminder: If your business accepts credit cards through your website it is important to know, and be responsible for, reviewing your credit card processes to make…read more

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