A Beginner’s Guide To Local SEO

Are you a local business trying to be found online, but unsure where to start? This handy beginner’s guide to local SEO is a great place to start!

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How to Actually Use Instagram

Instagram is a powerful marketing platform when it’s utilized correctly. It gives businesses the opportunity to show off and garner easy engagement. And it’s fun! There is literally nothing boring about Insta. But just because it’s an easy platform to…read more

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What is Multi-Platform Marketing? Do I need it?

Do you want to stay on top of your marketing? Then get your head in the game. Multi-platform marketing has officially taken over the scene and if you’re not playing by the rules, you’ll be left behind. First things first,…read more

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Should I start a company blog?

The digital marketing world loves blogs. Stop by any major SEO company’s website, and you’ll see they have a blog of their own. Dig into their blog, and you’ll probably see a section *about* blogging! So what’s all the hubbub?…read more

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So you received a bad online review…

Suggestions for business owners dealing with false or negative online reviews It’s an average day at the office. The phone is slow today, so you decide to take a look at your online reviews out of curiosity. All seems well…read more

Website Content: Why it Matters 

In many ways, your business’ website is like a brochure for your brand. Other than a top notch design, what might make your brochure stand out  from the competition? The contents of a brochure should convince people that your brand…read more

Don’t Be Fooled (It’s Not Actually Google)

In the past, we have alerted our customers and other local businesses about telemarketers and mail/email spam claiming to come directly from Google, or on their behalf. Their sales pitches and/or services offered will vary, but all have one thing…read more

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Clarification on the Google Mobile Update

We wanted to address some of the misinformation and panic we have been seeing in regards to the Google mobile update, and its handling of mobile websites. It is true that they have updated their ranking methodology to give some…read more

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