Do you want to stay on top of your marketing? Then get your head in the game. Multi-platform marketing has officially taken over the scene and if you’re not playing by the rules, you’ll be left behind. First things first, lets figure out what multi-platform is and how you can implement it.

Multi-Platform Marketing

Using more that one platform for your marketing isn’t a new concept, but it’s gained more popularity in the last two or three years. The concept is fairly simple: use several places to promote your business—online, print, radio, videos. But execution can be more difficult to pin down; careful planning can make your campaign give you the ROI you need to justify exploring the idea further, while a poorly executed one can be a money suck. It’s imperative that there’s a main vision and tangible goal—build a whole mini-business plan if needed—that you can measure your results against and declare the campaign a success (or, unfortunately, a failure).

When we sit down with a client for a multi-platform campaign, we seek out and review previous marketing efforts that included the various avenues we’re researching. Anything print, radio, TV, YouTube is carefully analyzed, and all pros and cons accounted for. Then we’ll sit down together and decide what the end goal is—sales, acquisition, brand name building—and ensure that the verbiage, tone, style, and visuals on every platform is aligned. It’s imperative that a campaign present a unified front to the public. A campaign is built on previous ROIs, the cohesive message, budget, and then executed.

Use a Print Platform

But Zee Creative has a secret weapon for our clients: PermaLetter. In Billings, multi-platform marketing is especially lucrative and performs best when signage is involved (this isn’t just a shameless plug, but it is kismet that our print shop is below our marketing office). By hitting two platforms with one swoop, we can ensure that your message is identical—we’ll build your signage (including flyers or mailers) and online marketing at the same time.

Printed content is a very different beast than other marketing. Flyers and mailers reach customers and leave a tangible reminder of your business–name, address, any specials. On the other hand, large-scale projects like signage or banners allows for creativity in a campaign and packs a visual punch.

Media Buys

Beyond that, Zee Creative does offer media buys. Rather than initiating the conversation with a separate platform (say, a newspaper or video content creator), we’ll handle most of the communications and add completed results to the campaign to execute all platforms at one time. This saves time for everyone involved and helps move the campaign forward smoothly and on schedule.

If you’re ready to execute a new marketing plan or just curious about what multi-platform marketing in Billings would look like, we’re always happy to sit down with businesses and explore your options. We can build plans for every budget and help you reach the goals you’ve been eyeing for 2019. Give us a call today and let’s set up a time to chat.