Clarification on the Google Mobile Update

We wanted to address some of the misinformation and panic we have been seeing in regards to the Google mobile update in its handling of mobile websites.

It is true that they have updated their ranking methodology to give some preference to those sites that are mobile responsive or display mobile specific content. So does this mean that if your current site doesn’t support mobile devices yet it will drop from sight? No, it does not.

Here are a few pertinent facts:

  1. The Google mobile update only affects site visitors using mobile devices and their search results.
  2. The change only affects mobile users and their search results. Desktop users results are unaffected.
  3. The change isn’t the only factor in ranking mobile websites. In fact, it’s one of numerous factors that could easily impede your search results more than their new change alone.
  4. Your site will not disappear from searches as a result of this change.
  5. If you aren’t in a competitive business/industry or are highly targeted in your digital marketing, this change may have little to no affect.

We highly recommend building websites that fully support mobile devices to give your web users the best browsing experience possible. If a website redesign is in your budget, this is one of several good reasons to get going – not the only one.

For more information, see Google’s FAQs about the April 21st mobile-friendly update. If you have specific questions on how this may affect you or are interested in a redesign for your website please contact us.


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