We’ve received numerous questions about PCI compliance and wanted to send out a quick reminder: If your business accepts credit cards through your website it is important to know, and be responsible for, reviewing your credit card processes to make sure it is PCI compliant.  This includes online payments through websites.

PCI compliance standards make it safe for users to provide their banking information with confidence. Maintaining a secure network, protecting cardholder data, and implementing strong access control measures are all essential to protecting sensitive user data.

Older sites that were originally PCI compliant should also be reviewed for recent changes and updates. Don’t ignore an outdated system! It is the merchant’s responsibility to stay current and ensure all processes meet the compliance requirements.  If you are not sure – let us know.

Validation of PCI compliance is done annually, so be sure to review your payment system with us and make certain your site meets the new requirements to protect your customer information.