Starting a business relationship is something Zee Creative takes very seriously. Please meditate on our “modus operandi.”

We feel it best to share how we operate…

  1. We are going to keep it simple… simple questions, simple answers. We aren’t going to bury you with graphs, charts, and jargon you aren’t going to understand.
  2. We have a step-by-step process and we work well this way. To provide a consistent and reliable product, we adhere to a series of checklists and procedures that make sure we didn’t forget anything.
  3. You’re part of the project… From the very beginning we are going to be asking for you to participate to help us meet our mutual goals. We hope you’ll have fun being a part of the Zee process.
  4. For those of you that are close enough, we want to see you… Face-to-Face meetings are becoming quite rare. We don’t mind taking 30 minutes to talk with you personally about your project. We want you to stop by and see us with questions.
  5. We’re artists… we draw, sketch, doodle, and scribble notes on paper. We like to develop a simple structure and concept for you so that your vision can be realized quickly.
  6. We work Monday through Friday. We all take the weekend to rest and re-charge, so that we can be 100% when we return to your project Monday morning.
  7. We have a sense of humor… We like to provide a professional and reliable service and laugh and smile too. We hope you’ll do the same.
  8. We share. We are motivated people that like to see the finish line with just as much enthusiasm as the next person. We also like to work and share our motivation with others who feel the same.
  9. We don’t have a genie in a bottle and while sometimes we sincerely would like one, we must stay within in the parameters of reality.
  10. We understand that not all things fit together and sometimes a round peg just won’t fit in the square hole. We live and work by a simple pact and it reflects that: We will do our best at what we do best, and we ask that as a customer you do the same. If for some reason our ‘bests’ don’t jive or our styles don’t match – we won’t shine it over and pretend that our work is what you need. We hope that our services and expertise complement our customer and if the unfortunate happens that we aren’t the right fit for each other, we will do our best to help you find someone who can make all your dreams come true.
  11. Lastly, we ask that you be ready for us. We like to build and design products that are worthy of a spotlight. So, when the signs go up and the websites are launched, we hope you and your business can bask in the light.