From full-service engagements involving signage, web design, and digital marketing to smaller graphic design projects, Zee Creative will help you to identify brand marketing opportunities and create a customer focused plan for an identity that resonates with the right consumers for your business.

What’s in a Brand?

If somebody asked you to describe the difference between a logo and a brand, would you be able to answer them? Throw in the idea of an brand identity package, and many of us end up even more confused.

Your brand is the entirety of your business and messaging in every format. In a sense, it’s the complete personality and appearance of your organization and everything it stands for. A strong brand identity sets you apart from the noise. Distinctiveness is the backbone of all your marketing and brand awareness work, shaping your audience’s perception of who you are. Your brand identity should be an expression of your brand strategy; bringing to life how you look, sound and feel for your audience. We create brand identities that are relevant, memorable, own-able and valuable.

Your brand marketing communicates who you are, while helping your audience to recognize you anywhere. Writing your brand story is one step, visualizing it is another. The objective of your visual identity is to create consistency everywhere your company is seen. 

Brand marketing process concept. Paper sheet with quality ideas or plan, cup of coffee and eyeglasses on desk

Any brand marketing itself should be prepared with the tools needed to communicate to their customer base effectively. Starting with where their logo fits into their overall corporate identity. Branding can be summarized as being the sum of all parts. On one hand you have feeling and emotion (brand) and on the other recognizable visuals (logo). If you were to design a new identity, you would want to consider everything from voice, like your marketing efforts, to visuals before even thinking about what your logo design will look like.

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Visual Identity

Your visual identity includes stationery, collateral, signage, positioning, color system, fonts and more. Wrapping your brand story into a single logo can be a challenging task, which is why other components of visual identity are there to support it. Ultimately, the goal of visual branding is to encompass a range of branded graphic elements that tell your story, from colors to shapes to layouts, in every medium where your brand appears.

Logo Design

Logo design is a significant piece of your brand. A logo should be unique, but it must fit into every piece of marketing you do – from digital to print – it must represent your brand successfully.

The logo you choose should be a good stand in for your entire brand identity. A logo will come to mean much more than what it looks like. Things like brand tone of voice and your company’s competitive advantages will be what people think of when they see your logo.


Graphic Design

Visually interesting and relevant graphic design helps customers relate to and remember your business. A great graphic design company can create seamless designs across all your digital and physical marketing materials.

If you are looking to rebrand or launch a new visual marketing campaign, let us help!



A business will struggle to attract customers without custom signs and graphics that call attention to their services or products. A custom sign can share what your business is about, as well as your corporate culture, thanks to the image that your brand projects with the signage.

Maintaining a consistent look to the design of your signs in order to create brand awareness and make your brand stronger as time passes is essential.


Interactive Multimedia Design

Sounds fancy, but you’re likely already engaging with multimedia design daily on platforms like Flickr, YouTube, and Instagram. Essentially, it combines text, images, video, and/or audio to create appealing web content.

Adding animation to your website is great way to draw attention to a design element or generally improve your website visitors’ experience. It’s everywhere you go on the internet.


Brand Messaging

Technology moves fast and the brand messaging techniques available on digital platforms are changing with it. Many of today’s consumers are looking for you exclusively on the internet. With your business is online, how do you separate yourself and how can you increase your brand awareness? 

Depending on your industry, budget, and business goals, we can recommend a strategy and one or more digital marketing avenues.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO increases your organic search rankings through content optimization and grows your reach within your local community.


Content Creation

Well-written site content keeps users interested, makes a positive impression on potential customers and supports your other digital marketing endeavors.


Pay-Per-Click Ads

Sometimes getting your name out takes a bit of effort, and PPC advertising can be a valuable investment. This maximizes traffic to your site right away with sponsored links that target your ideal audience.


Social Media Marketing

Social media content can build connections with new customers, and help you retain current customers on the platforms they use everyday.


Whether your firm is a startup new to the marketplace or a veteran business in need of a refresh, creating a credible brand is critical to the success of a business.

As experienced branding experts, Zee Creative can work with existing marketing assets or create a whole new identity while determining the right marketing collateral to effectively express your brand.