So you received a bad online review…

Suggestions for business owners dealing with false or negative online reviews It’s an average day at the office. The phone is slow today, so you decide to take a look at your online reviews out of curiosity. All seems well…read more

Website Content: Why it Matters 

In many ways, your business’ website is like a brochure for your brand. Other than a top notch design, what might make your brochure stand out  from the competition? The contents of a brochure should convince people that your brand…read more

8 tips for picking a better off-the-shelf WordPress theme

Picking a WordPress theme for a theme site can be fun.  The demo versions often look great, with perfect color combinations, great imagery and verbiage that is spot on.  Unfortunately, few businesses have the same content to replicate that look…read more

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Time to test your website contact forms

If you haven’t tested the contact forms on your website recently, now is a great time! We recommend testing your website forms once per month to make sure everything is running smoothly. Email program settings, web server updates, WordPress and…read more

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WordPress Security Update – 4.9.2 announced

Yesterday (1/16/18), WordPress announced version 4.9.2 which includes an important security update for versions 3.7 and above. If you are already on our Managed WordPress Hosting, we have you covered. If not, you need to get your WordPress installation updated…read more

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Don’t Be Fooled (It’s Not Actually Google)

In the past, we have alerted our customers and other local businesses about telemarketers and mail/email spam claiming to come directly from Google, or on their behalf. Their sales pitches and/or services offered will vary, but all have one thing…read more

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