Should I start a company blog?

The digital marketing world loves blogs. Stop by any major SEO company’s website, and you’ll see they have a blog of their own. Dig into their blog, and you’ll probably see a section *about* blogging! So what’s all the hubbub?…read more

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What are the costs of website design and maintenance?

Even though the internet has been around a quarter century now, the average internet user often doesn’t know all the parts and pieces involved in building and maintaining a website. While we certainly don’t mind managing our clients’ web presences,…read more

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Babcock Theatre Reopening

Last Friday, the historic Babcock Theatre reopened as a movie theater under the management of Art House Cinema & Pub. A Zee Creative Inc. company, Permaletter Sign Company, worked on a custom sign for their lobby – see it in…read more

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We Are Moving!

To our valued customers, As you may have heard, our parent company, Zee Creative Inc., acquired Permaletter Sign Company back in August. As a part of our acquisition, we are relocating our offices to Permaletter headquarters at 1105 4th Avenue…read more

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Zee Creative, Inc. acquires Permaletter Sign Company

Something exciting has happened at Zee Creative… We are very excited to announce that on August 1st, 2018, our parent company, Zee Creative Inc, purchased Permaletter Sign Company. Zee’s CEO, Mike, was an employee of Permaletter prior to founding Zee…read more

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So you received a bad online review…

Suggestions for business owners dealing with false or negative online reviews It’s an average day at the office. The phone is slow today, so you decide to take a look at your online reviews out of curiosity. All seems well…read more

Website Content: Why it Matters 

In many ways, your business’ website is like a brochure for your brand. Other than a top notch design, what might make your brochure stand out  from the competition? The contents of a brochure should convince people that your brand…read more