Do you offer SSL certificates for my website?

Yes we do!  If you have an online store, credit payment system or are collecting private information, it’s important to make sure your site is protected with the security and integrity of a safe online transaction.  Hackers can access unverified account users and diminish the credibility of your business.

Don’t let these trouble makers interfere with your hard work.  Sign up for an SSL certificate, instill  trust in your clients, and have the confidence of a secure website under your belt. Getting registered is easy, and the value of a secure site can increase traffic on your site and can help your ratings in standard search engine results. Because of the specific ordering and web hosting setup requirements, we do not offer a do-it-yourself tool.

Please note that our Managed WordPress hosting plans include SSL.

Questions on whether an SSL certificate is right for you? Contact us, and we can help you fend off those pesky hackers.

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