How do I renew my domain name?

If you reserved your domain through Zee Creative, you can use the following steps to renew your domain name.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in the username and password.  (If you don’t have that information click “Forgot your password or account information” and it will be emailed to you).
  3. Click “Log In”.
  4. Find the domain name you wish to renew if there are several on the page.
  5. Check the little box under “Renew” on the left hand side of your domain name.
  6. Click “Set checked domains for renewal” on the bottom.
  7. A little grey box will pop up.  When it says “All Done” click “Continue”.
  8. Select the amount of years you would like to renew for.
  9. Check the little box that says “Turn on Auto Renew to automatically renew your domain every year” if you wish to auto renew.  It is directly under the amount of years you can choose from to renew for.  Note:  You will need to make sure your credit card information stays up to date.  If you credit card expires before it renews, it will not automatically renew and you will need to do it manually.
  10. After the Auto Renew box is checked click “Done”.
  11. Then it will take you through the payment process.  Enter in your payment information.
  12. Check the little box under the payment information that says “I agree to the terms and conditions”.  This must be checked or it won’t process.
  13. Click “Buy Now”.
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