Do you have a mobile site option that can be added to old websites?

Yes, we have a cost effective, fast option for adding mobile device support to an existing website!  Having a mobile web site provides users with content and products at their fingertips.  They have immediate access anywhere anytime.  With this access comes exposure and a rapid fire ability to develop an immediate marketing value.  The value is in the usability of the site, by pairing down the site’s features to the essentials, a mobile site achieves more with less.

The key to an improved user experience is easy navigation and minimal design.  Think of the design as the food processor and coffee maker in your kitchen, you’re not likely to pack those into the mountains along with all your other gear – it would slow you down.  Instead go light and lean and achieve the same goals without all the sluggish design.  An easily loaded and ‘surfable’ site equals easy purchase and visibility by the viewer.

Not only is this a great tool to allow folks to find you among the masses at any given moment, but it also increases your SEO objectives as well.  With mobile sites, you can increase your visibility on the mobile web and gain more traffic to your business (both on the web and at your doorstep).

Having a mobile site is a form of advertising, it’s focused marketing.  Your mobile site is sharing vital information, creating a brand awareness, promoting or linking you to events, and gaining credibility in the search engines.  Overall, a mobile site is a minimal investment with a maximum reward.  Go ahead, ditch the kitchen sink and trek into the future.

Ready to go mobile?  Let us know and we’ll help you get things rolling. If you are building a new site, going with a responsive design is the way to go.  However, if you have a website already and don’t want to get into the cost of a redesign ask about our $100/yr. mobile site add-on that is a fast, easy and economical way to add mobile functionality to your site.

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