What are my email server settings?

The following are settings for Zee Creative Hosted Email customers only.
Webmail Access:
You can access your email via webmail at  https://owa.zcreative.com/ or https://emailsrvr.com/default.html. Enter your email address and password to login. You can view, create, send and delete emails from here. You can also reset your password here under settings.
  •  When setting up the email in Outlook, Mac mail, etc. on a computer you must check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
  • When setting email up on an iPhone the username and password for the outgoing mail server is not optional and must be filled out.
  • If you are checking your email from a home and not an office building, your outgoing server information may be your internet service provider’s information and not ours.  Call them to find out what it will be.
  • If you do choose to use the secure settings you must use both the secure incoming settings and secure outgoing settings.
Mail Settings:
For step by step instructions, go to https://help.emailsrvr.com/ and login with your email address and password. Click “Set up my email” then follow the wizard to choose the type of type of device you are setting up. Or you can use the settings below to set up your email client or a phone.  We recommend using the secure connection option.
Incoming Mail Server:
Server Type: IMAP
Server Name: imap.emailsrvr.com
Port: 143
Or Use Secure Incoming Settings:
Server Type: IMAP with SSL
Server Name: secure.emailsrvr.com
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail Server:
Server Type: SMTP
Server Name: smtp.emailsrvr.com
Port: 25, 587, 8025 or 2525
Or Use Secure Outgoing Settings:
Server Name: SMTP with SSL
Server Name: secure.emailsrvr.com
Port: 465
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