About Plant Powered Dog

With the highest level of plant-based dog nutrition services, Plant Powered Dog from Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS provides more than your typical dog nutritionist—she is a pioneer and a world-leader in plant-based dog nutrition that redefines the way people care for their beloved canine companions.

Project Goals

Plant Powered Dog was in need of a branding overhaul. After intensive collaboration, we were able to lock in on three main objectives:

  • Create a website design that conveys the exciting new way to approach feeding your dog while remaining authoritative in content!
  • Drive traffic to their social media channels and newsletter by integrating with the website and creating standout calls to action.
  • Create a launching point for Diana’s newest book, the Plant-Powered Dog!

The Design Process

During the design phase of their website project, we researched and discussed with Diana what draws people to her way of thinking.

With her input, we established a bright, playful color palette, supported with fun designs of furry companions placed strategically throughout the site:

Tap to Interact!

The Results

Once the design of the site had gone through the proofing process and into development and testing, Zee Creative was able to bring the site live with confidence that the new website would achieve the goals set.

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