About Lockwood School District

Located in the Lockwood community that’s just east of Billings, Montana, over 1300 students, kindergarten through tenth grade, attend the Lockwood schools on a single campus. The many teachers, support staff, administrators, and school board members provide the best learning environment possible for the students and community.

In May, 2018, residents of the Lockwood community voted to approve a new high school for the district. The school opened to Lockwood high school students in August of 2020.

The Challenge

Zee Creative needed to cover 84 windows across the three school campus. Additionally, the decals needed to accomplish two important objectives, namely:

  • Enhance security, keeping students and staff safe during school hours
  • Reduce energy costs, saving the school district money that can be spent in other, useful ways

The Design

Our team used perforated window graphics to achieve these objectives. The window decals enhance security by allowing students and staff to see outside but denying anyone outside the school the ability to see in and the decals provide sun protection, thus keeping the school cooler and energy costs down.

A win win!

The Result

Ready to have your mind blown? Our crew of two was able to accomplish this all in one day. Not only do the decals look amazing but they also protect staff and students and lowers their energy cost. A successful campus covering decal project for Lockwood Schools carried out!

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