The Huntington Learning Center requested a sign project to enhance their visual identity and visibility through the installation of illuminated, backlit signs. As a reputable education institution committed to helping students achieve their academic goals, it is crucial for the Huntington Learning Center to maintain a professional and inviting image that resonates with students, parents, and the Billings community at large. Illuminated signs offer a dynamic and impactful solution to achieve this goal.

Project Objectives

  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: The primary goal of this project is to improve the visibility of the Huntington Learning Center’s brand both during the day and night. Backlit signs are eye-catching and provide a professional appearance that captures the attention of passersby.
  2. Increased Foot Traffic: Backlit signs are proven to attract attention from a distance, leading to an increase in foot traffic. By drawing more attention to the center’s location, the project aims to attract new students and parents interested in the center’s educational services.
  3. Consistent Visual Identity: The installation of backlit signs will ensure a consistent visual identity for the Huntington Learning Center. The signs will feature the center’s logo, colors, and key messaging, reinforcing the brand and creating a memorable impression.
  4. Community Engagement: By investing in a visually appealing exterior, the Huntington Learning Center demonstrates its commitment to the community and its dedication to providing quality education. The enhanced aesthetics contribute to positive community engagement and reputation.

Project Scope

The backlit signs project involved these key components:

  1. Design and Branding: Collaborating with a professional design team to create visually appealing and cohesive sign designs that incorporate the Huntington Learning Center’s logo, colors, and key messages. The designs will be in line with the center’s existing branding.
  2. Sign Fabrication: Engaging a reputable sign manufacturing company to produce high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant backlit signs. The signs will be designed to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their vibrant appearance over time.
  3. Installation: Coordinating the installation of the backlit signs at strategic locations on the center’s premises. This will involve securing any necessary permits and ensuring proper installation techniques to maximize visibility and safety.
  4. Lighting: Implementing energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions to illuminate the backlit signs. The lighting will be chosen to ensure optimal visibility without causing light pollution.
  5. Maintenance Plan: Developing a maintenance plan to regularly inspect, clean, and maintain the backlit signs, ensuring they remain in excellent condition and continue to deliver the desired impact.