Zee Creative offers multiple ways to setup your email when using an email client such as Outlook, Mac Mail, or your smart phone or tablet. The most popular method has been POP, but for most clients our preferred method is IMAP. Here’s a quick POP vs IMAP overview that explains what each can and cannot do for you.

POP (Post Office Protocol)

When using this method, emails are pushed to a device such as your computer, phone, etc. How your email client is set up will affect how well POP works. Emails get delivered to all the devices that your account is set up on, and you deal with those on each and every device – or whichever device pulls them from the server first. This method is very client/device specific, and what you do on one device, such as replying or sending a new email, is NOT reflected on any other device you have. If you are only checking for messages on one device, this option will work for you.

  • Should I use POP?
    It is not recommended for users that receive email on a variety of devices. However, you may opt for POP over IMAP if you want an original copy of every incoming message you get on every device you own. This will all depend on if the email client settings are set up correctly, making sure that it doesn’t automatically delete emails from the server.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

For email users that like their email to be consistent across all of their devices, we recommend that you use IMAP. IMAP keeps your email client synced with the email server. Regardless of which device you are on, if you delete an email in the inbox, it deletes it across all devices. This method is helpful when trying to manage large volumes of email and when replying from various devices throughout the day. You can even create folders using IMAP and they will sync across all of your devices. IMAP accounts are server-based, so if your device crashes or gets lost, you still will have all of your email and will be back up and running in very little time. IMAP is bi-directional similar to the functionality of an Exchange Server.

  • Should I use IMAP?
    IMAP often is the best solution because you can use it with one device or many. Someone who uses multiple devices to check, respond to, and send emails should be using IMAP. No matter what device you are on, you can see your email in the same way.

Please get in touch with us if you have more questions on which setup is best for you.