track your web traffic

Are you curious how people are finding your website, and what their experience was like? We offer tracking and reporting tools that help you get accurate data on site activity and measure the effectiveness of your website. Regardless of whether you leave the SEO and paid advertising to us or you’re managing your own online presence, we recommend setting up Google Analytics.

real data, real results

Google Analytics allows you to track a variety of metrics and data to find out how your website is performing. What makes web advertising so unique is the detailed consumer data that you can track. Without Google Analytics or a similar service, you’re simply not making the most of your website.

It’s a great resource for site owners and for us, so we require Google Analytics access for both SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management. Let’s go over some of the benefits:

  • See if your Pay-Per-Click campaign is driving traffic to your site
  • Learn about the geographic location of your site visitors
  • Find out which pages encourage the most user engagement, and which pages aren’t exciting enough for your users.
  • Compare the quality of traffic from various sources (Paid, organic, direct links, social media)
  • View historical data and measure the results of your SEO efforts
  • Pull reports with the data that’s most important to you

web data toolbox

Google Analytics isn’t the only way to track site data. We use several other tools to track your traffic and search performance. Google Search Console alerts us to bad links or missing pages, and shows which Google searches your site appeared on, plus a number of other utilities.

We also use several tools to track citations and online listings as a part of Local SEO, and we use several site diagnostic tools as a part of our SEO management services. All this data allows us to see the fine grain detail of your website’s performance, send you relevant reports to keep you in the know, and find the right solutions for your website.