Custom WordPress Websites for Zoo and Animal Rescue Organizations

This custom WordPress site is designed with all the features that a zoo or animal rescue organization typically needs. Easily enter event and exhibit information and profiles for keepers, office admins or volunteers. Just like everything we build, support is included and everything can be customized.  So, if you need your site to do something a bit different than what you see in these examples just let us know.


  • Custom Design: We create a unique, mobile-friendly design for your organization. Your site can stick closely to our default design or we can create something completely unique.
  • Exhibits: Easy to set up and manage exhibits including species information, category, adoption availability, birthday availability and more.
  • Adoptions / Birthdays: Pages generate depending on how the corresponding exhibit is set up. Allows you to list animals that are available for adoption or birthday parties.
  • YouTube Video Gallery: Custom page design that displays your YouTube videos.
  • Custom Facebook Feed: Displays your recent Facebook posts on your website in a custom format that matches your look.
  • Zoo News with Administrative Review: Displays your most recent blogs or news stories on your homepage. Allows your volunteers and other staff to enter an article, then have an admin review and post it.
  • Events: Event calendar with categories.
  • Partners/Sponsors: Customized design that displays your partners and their logos.
  • Venues and Amenities: Formatted display of your venues and amenities including an image, brief description and price if applicable.
  • Online Store: Online store with PayPal payments, can be customized to work with other payment solutions.


Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo - Custom zoo or animal rescue website

ZooMontana - Custom WordPress design for Zoos

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