Creating a digital marketing strategy is time well spent for any business. Marketing efforts on the web can be tracked, targeted and employed into multiple mediums to create a holistic and effective strategy.  Discover what’s important in today’s internet marketing landscape and how it applies to you and your business.

Increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. 

Zee Creative is an expert in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, remarketing, email marketing, and social media marketing (like Facebook, Twitter or Google+); and we can track, analyze, and report on web metrics that are relevant to your business. Depending on your budget and objectives, these services can be packaged together or stand-alone to focus on a specific strategy or end-goal.  If you’re not sure what you need, let us customize a plan for you. We can take your business objectives and identify what digital marketing services can help accomplish those needs efficiently and effectively. We stay up-to-date on the ever changing landscape of web marketing, so you can be confident your online marketing plan is current and cutting-edge. Leave the heavy lifting to us, so you can stay focused on your business and your customers.


Digital marketing plans

Web Marketing Case Studies


Local Optimization

SEO Monthly PlanDo you ever wonder how you can reach new and current clients in your local area? More frequently the trend to advertise in local markets is swaying to the internet.   Managing your local web presence is an important role in online reputation management.  Make sure that your business or organization is represented in all the wonderful (and often free) resources out there to help you maximize your visibility.


Pay Per Click

PPC Monthly PlanSometimes getting the message out requires a concerted effort to put your company or organization out in front of people that are interested in the very thing you offer.  What Pay Per Click Advertising offers is a successful investment to maximize traffic towards your site through sponsored links and ads, with the ability to capture a targeted, qualified audience.



Everyone wants to be the ‘Bella of the Ball’ and when it comes to websites, it can be  competitive.  The trick is to keep the attention on your business through valuable content, link building, and submitting your name and business profile to relevant and credible directories.  It’s important to direct traffic to your site and a strong SEO campaign will not only focus the attention on your business website, but rank you among your competitors.



Ever wanted to know how (or if) people are getting to your website, and what they’re doing when they get there? Measuring your efforts to increase website traffic can be quantified and matched against company goals or objectives with Web Analytics.  Zee Creative offers tracking and reporting tools to help you and your company reach those goals, acquire accurate data on site activity, and even measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click ads.