multimedia designMultimedia Design and Interactive Content

Since the early days, Zee Creative has actively found new and innovative ways to incorporate multimedia design into their products. With the rapidly changing industry of mobile technology, our multimedia designers offer professional and top of line design services to substantiate your company image in a world of competitors.

Multimedia is in and around everything we use in today’s world, and most likely you’re viewing custom videos on YouTube, sharing photo albums on Flickr, or making video presentations for your next business trade show. Using several methods to market your company is highly recommended to create a successful public image.

Zee Creative is committed to the notion of interactive content and believes a strong connection to a larger audience is gained through multiple avenues of visibility.

We can design custom content to identify you with a professional image when interacting with potential clients and business associates.

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Interactive Multimedia & Streaming

  • Multimedia Design
  • Interactive CD/DVDs
  • Kiosk Applications
  • Streaming audio/video (support with hardware and/or creation)
  • Animated and video web advertising
  • Tradeshow demonstrations
  • Mobile-Friendly Web Sites
  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Online Advertisements
  • Splash Pages
  • Embedded Web Site Video and Audio

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Web Design

zee-webZee Creative puts an emphasis on thoughtful design, responsive, easy navigation, and streamlined original processes.  With our development and project support team, your website will become the valuable resource you need for sales, marketing and information.

We pride ourselves on building innovative, mobile-friendly, creative and usable websites and web applications. These are far away from the “cookie cutter” sites so often seen on the web today and still very affordable with pricing starting at $400. Whether you need a straightforward HTML site, online survey, intranet site, e-newsletter, online shopping cart, data archival/retrieval system, audio/video streaming, or data-driven content management based website… we have you covered.

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Graphic Design

zee-graphicThe work of a graphic design artist is on business cards, billboards, posters, websites, vehicles, letterhead, and brochures. If you have a company, we can’t express enough the importance of having a recognizable and visually striking logo or graphic style.

So what is your logo saying about you? Your logo and marketing image are a vital part of your business. Don’t miss out on one opportunity to make a significant first impression with potential customers.

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