Starting a new website or redesigning an existing one?

Here are a few tips to make your process easier and save you money.


  • Create a web design bid specification

    A bid specification is an outline of all the features, functionality and needs for your website. Detail your expectations with as much detail as possible.  Answering questions such as the following are a few good examples:

    • Does it need a content management system?
    • How many pages are needed?
    • Should the website be built using WordPress?
    • Is the website an ecommerce website?
    • Do need web hosting?
    • Is digital marketing something you will need?

Without this specific information, you may find that any competing bids you receive will vary by thousands of dollars and be comprised of wildly different solutions. If you need help putting together your specification or just don’t know where to start, let us help you create the specification for you. The cost involved with this process is well worth it and will save you money on the end product.

  • Establish and communicate your budget

    It may seem odd but many clients don’t really have an idea of what they want to spend, and once they do, the details are often withheld. Websites certainly don’t have price tags hanging on them like a car in a showroom, so we do understand the curiosity of what the costs are for developing a site. Just like cars, websites come in various sizes, types and prices. Website design costs can run from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Your best move is to tell us what your needs are and what your budget allows and we’ll find creative ways to give you the best value for your money and save you time.  We even have financing options for those who qualify.


  • Pick a reputable firm

    Your website is an important tool for your business and often a significant investment of time and money. Don’t trust this process and investment to just anyone – find a firm that has been established in the web development industry for multiple years, has a proven track record with Google Reviews and client testimonials and a staff to support your needs now and into the future. We take great pride in our customer service and dedication to our profession. Let us help you with your next project and future web design needs.