Business-grade Email Hosting, Hosted Exchange and Email ArchivingEmail hosting and hosted exchange

Email is an essential part of every business and is the most cost effective form of communication out there. While email accounts are a common service included free of charge with many services such as web hosting, internet access and social media sites, many of us require a much higher level of service and features than these free offerings can provide. If you fall into that category, we have ad-free and private solutions for you – Hosted Email, Hosted Microsoft® Exchange and Email Archiving.

We recognize that some businesses may have specific needs, strengths, or strategies that they may want to address and for those companies we recommend creating a customized plan. Please contact us for a personalized consultation. For examples of our web design and web programming please visit our web development page. If you are interested in Email marketing and online surveys please click here.

Hosted Email

Hosted Email

All the features business users need for only $21 a year per mailbox

It’s robust. It’s ‘beefed up’. It’s even super charged. Hosted Email is a new full-bodied and easy to use hosted email option that allows for ample storage and a buffet of features worth having seconds for. It’s a great way to beef up your existing email service by increasing your storage, spam filtering and features for just pennies a day. This is value meal pricing with some stellar features to streamline your business. Zee Creative Hosted Email packs a complete personal information management system into a compact, easy-to-use interface.

  • 25 GB Mailboxes
  • Ad-Free and Private on your own domain name
  • Access to mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes from one application
  • Use our easy webmail client or a desktop client, like Outlook®, or Thunderbird®
  • Access mail on your iPhone®, Android®, Windows® Phone or BlackBerry® device
  • Optional Mobile Sync for Hosted Email
  • View/share/edit users’ calendars
  • Share calendars outside of your domain with iCal® support
  • Easy, user-controlled undelete feature recovers purged email for up to two weeks
  • Maintain and track task lists
  • Create group contacts lists
  • Company-wide contact lists
  • 50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
  • Mail filtering controls and enhanced searching
  • Optional email password synced with Active Directory® login
  • Optional email archiving service
  • Optional migration service
  • Hosted Exchange Hybrid – Combine Hosted Email and Hosted Exchange on the same domain and save money.

Full Plan Details

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Exchange without the Headaches with an Outlook® license included!

Work from Anywhere, Anytime.

Exchange email users get full access to their email folders, contacts, and calendars from Microsoft Outlook, on any web browser, or mobile device (iPhone®, Android® or iPad®). Changes made to emails, contacts or calendars are kept up to date when accessed from another device.

Exchange makes collaborating with co-workers, customers, and suppliers easy. Shared calendaring allows users to easily schedule meetings with co-workers and eliminates scheduling conflicts for resources such as rooms and equipment.

Zee Creative gives you all of the functionality of a dedicated Exchange server for a fixed, monthly cost. All the features you want with none of the setup, upkeep and hassle. Enterprise level email with up to 100GB mailboxes, anitvirus/antispam included are much more.

Please contact us for pricing.

For Your Users

  • Ad-Free and Private on your own domain name
  • Up to 100GB mailboxes
  • 50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
  • Outlook downloads available for Windows and Mac clients
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) Premium
  • RSS subscription delivery
  • Share contacts, tasks, calendar, and notes
  • Calendar sharing with read/write options
  • ActiveSync available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, and Windows® mobile devices.
  • Optional BlackBerry® Enterprise Licenses for BlackBerry devices.
  • Global Address List (GAL) and 1GB public folder space
  • Premium spam and virus protection
  • Email password synced with Active Directory login
  • Easy control panel management
  • Exchange Hybrid – Combine Hosted Email and Hosted Exchange on the same domain and save money.
  • Optional migration service

Full Plan Details

Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Be Prepared with Zee Creative Email Archiving for only $3 per month per mailbox

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to maintain solid email archiving and retention procedures. Archiving can help you address some regulatory requirements that affect how you retain and retrieve email.

Why Do I Need Archiving?

Certain industry regulations require multiple avenues of protection from a simple backup plan to retention of detailed message header information. If your business relies on email for communication, you should know the impact these laws and regulations have on your email.

How Can Zee Creative Help?

With properly archived and retrievable email, your messages are automatically retained and immediately accessible when requested. Offloading your archiving management to Zee Creative reduces internal server load, improves production server operation and saves IT resources. With Email Archiving you can:

  • Capture, index, and safely store up to nine copies of auditable email; including header information, body, and attachment content
  • Use full text search capabilities to find email based on message components in a secure web-based search and discovery interface
  • Maintain original message integrity using WORM technology to assign date/time stamps and unique headers to safeguard against deletion
  • Export to standards-based formats like .pst, .pdf, .txt, and mime
  • Gain unlimited storage

How Safe is My Data?

During transmission and storage, your data remains secure. Zee Creative provides you with:

  • Top tier, physical and network-secure data centers
  • DoD standards-based encryption with HMAC-SHA1 authentication for tamper-proof data
  • The most current SSL encryption protocols for data center-to-device transmissions
  • Dynamically allocated, dedicated virtual machines delivering superior performance even during activity spikes
  • An audit trail for every system interaction with reports detailing users, activity, date, time, and IP address

With unlimited, secure cloud-based email storage from Zee Creative, you can solve the most challenging aspects of email retention with one easy, affordable solution.

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